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My School is Cool

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Sept. 1, 2014 – May 29, 2015

How to earn points

Mall receipts

  • Submit your Tanforan mall sales receipts dated Sept. 1, 2014 – May 29, 2015. Place them in the collection box located in the school office.

Vo ...more


Parent Advisory Corner

It has been brought to the school’s attention that there is an Instagram account under the screen name "ssfconfess" and "ssfconfession" encouraging south city students to share secrets or other hurtful messages toward other students in our school district via instagram.  The main purpose of this individual is to spread rumors and confidential information about individuals for their followers to view and comment on.  This is a violation of California Educational Code 48900 2(A) in regards to “electronic act” ….(ii) A post on social network Internet Web site……..please help us ensure the safety of our students by checking in with your child and making sure that they are not following or being followed on Instagram by the individual with the screen name as mentioned above.  If you have any further question or information, please forward them to the administration of the school.  Thank you.


Se ha puesto en conocimiento de la escuela que una cuenta de Instagram bajo el nombre de pantalla "ssfconfess" y "ssfconfession" animan a los estudiantes de sur san Francisco a compartir secretos y otros mensajes hirientes hacia otros estudiantes en nuestro distrito escolar a través de Instagram. El objetivo principal de este individual es difundir rumores e información confidencial sobre individuos por sus seguidores a ver y comentar. Se trata de una violación de California para la Educación Código 48900 2 ( A) en respecto a " acto electrónico " ... . ( ii ) Un puesto en red social sitio Web de Internet ...... Por favor ayúdanos garantizar la seguridad de nuestros estudiantes mediante la comprobación con su hijo y asegurarse de que no están siguiendo o que están siendo seguidos en Instagram por el individuo con el nombre de pantalla como se mencionó anteriormente . Si usted tiene cualquier pregunta o información adicional por favor remitir a la administración de la escuela. Gracias.

PHMS Student Conduct Policy Updates

Gum Policy Effective 11/1/2014

School Site Council voted to amend:

Under Parkway Heights Middle School general rules item #11 –

Re: “No gum chewing allowed anywhere on school grounds”


Consequences will now be included:

  • 1st infraction = warning
  • 2nd infraction = 2nd warning
  • 3rd infraction = clean up
  • 4th infraction and beyond = school consequence such as multiple days of clean up, after-school detention and/or Saturday School. Depending on the frequency of the defiant act.
  • Multiple infractions can be given in one day.
  • Infraction list resets every quarter.



Uniform Policy Effective immediately

School site council voted to amend:

Under Parkway Heights Middle School Uniform Policy

Re: “Pants” will now read as follows


Pants:         Khaki or Black pants must be worn daily. Black jeans not permitted.

                   Pants are to be worn at the waist.

Pants are to be straight leg and proper length: they should be neither too big nor too tight.

Belts, if worn must be in a solid school color with a plain buckle.

Shorts:       Khaki or Black walking length shorts or capris may be worn.

While shorts may be above the knee “short shorts” will not be permitted (not shorter than arms length).


Skorts:       Khaki or Black skorts of appropriate length are permitted.

Early Release Wednesdays & New Schedule


Effective Immediately we are beginning a new bell schedule.

2014-2015 Bell Schedule Revised.pdf


We will also begin Early Release Wednesdays of the Following 8 Wednesdays:


October 1st

November 5th

December 3rd

January 7th

February 5th

March 4th

April 8th

May 6th


Students will be released at 2:05pm, please mark your calendars and make arrangements to have your child picked up.


SES Tutoring Program

Free After-School Tutoring

Please turn in this application to the Attendance Office.


Tutoría Gratis Después de Escuela

Favor de entrgar esta solicitud a la oficina.


SES Program.pdf

Upcoming Events


Non Student Day


Winter Break


Return to School


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Presidents Day-Legal Holiday No School


Spring Break

District News

Tuesday, January 27, 2015
6:30-8:00 P.M.
South San Francisco Municipal Building
33 Arroyo Drive, SSF

6:30—7:00 p.m.  Visit Information Tables and Learn About . . .

   Which school to attend
   ... Continue
Posted by: District Webmaster
Published: 12/17/14

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South San Francisco Community Health Fair

Feria de Asistencia Sanitaria Comunitaria 社区卫生服务博览会

Saturday, January 10, 2015
9:00am to 12:00pm
Enero 10, 2015 2015年1月10日
9:00 a 12:00 hrs. 上午9:00 至中午整

Please bring your ID, proof of citizen... Continue
Posted by: District Webmaster
Published: 12/16/14

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November 3rd and February 27th 

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Box Tops for Education

Parkway Heights Middle School PTSA

PE Clothes

Shirt - $10

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